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October 27, 2012
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Enemy Unknown by Glaive-Silver Enemy Unknown by Glaive-Silver
This is Central Officer Luna. What is your status, ground team?
You think you saw a snake? What the hay does that have to do with anything?


A piece inspired by XCOM: Enemy Unknown. This is a view of the mission control center, where most of the day-to-day management takes place. Celestia and Luna take the roles of the commander and Central Officer Bradford, respectively. Twilight, and the rest of the mane six are officers, scientists, and engineers within the base, rather than active front-line soldiers.

This piece was a lot of fun to work on, if a little bothersome at one point (curse that red banner in the background...). The main challenge was the shading. Trying to get it to look like an underground base, while keeping things visible was a bit of a tall prospect, but I think I did alright on it.


XCOM: Enemy Unknown was developed by Firaxis Games, and I claim no ownership over it whatsoever.
MLP: FiM is Hasbro

For those of you that like strategy games, you should get XCOM, if you don't already have it. It's great!
Also, the text at the start is a slightly modified version of idle dialogue you can hear while at base.
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Equestrian X-COM? Interesting. Let me write something to complement it:


"We live in a cosmos cold and indifferent to us or our ideals. Beyond the stars are alien forces hostile and mysterious, enemies in the void cannot be befriended, that cannot be reasoned with, and even now plots our extinction.

No longer can we stand divided by our petty differences; today, ponies, griffons, dragons, changelings, and all other people and nations of this world are united in defense of our one and only home. 

When no one will come to protect us, we must do it ourselves. 

While the rest of us live in peace and harmony, we must take up arms to push back the darkness. 

To ensure our survival, we must ALWAYS be Vigilant, ALWAYS be Reliable. 

To all enemies unknown, coming destroy us - we WILL fight you, we WILL learn from you, and we WILL kill you. 

We are X-COM, and no matter the cost, we WILL prevail."

--- Commander of the Equestrian - and later global - X-COM initiative.


These art tends to inspire me to write these things. 
"Yeah, maybe we shouldn't mess with these guys..."

--- Various Aliens, after X-COM's reputation had spread.
"And that's why I really care about you baby! You feelers make my antenna feel so high!" The solar system sized alien jogger sang to himself on his giant alien ipod in his ears as he obliviously stepped on the planet of Equestria, and continued his jog to his house millions of light years away and watched giant alien football.
Re-read it in context...still a WTF, but now I get the joke. ;)
Like I said, he REALLY likes trope subversions. 

It does fit with the theme of cold and indifferent cosmos, in a Douglas Adams black-comedy kind of way. 
On a second glance....yeah; it's hilarious, in a dark sort of way. :)

Just threw me for a loop the first time; it just came out of left field.
Yeah, I know, right? It almost makes me starting to think that our dear friend Alex don't really think highly of mortal resourcefulness, resilience, ambition and significance. 
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